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Name:King Turgon the Wise
Birthdate:Sep 5
Character Profile – Turgon 'the Wise'

Sindarin: Turgon
Quenya: Turukáno\

Background and history: Turgon has a lot of regrets and most start with his uncle Feanor and end with his wife's death on the ice. Now he's running a city as smoothly as he can.

Sometimes prone to taking the extreme response to problems (he's sent assassins after Eol), his best friend Ecthelion can often talk him into something more gentler, like not killing all the suddenly appearing humans.

He has a passion for all the new types of cooking that are appearing in his city and despite himself is starting to enjoy the strange thriving life mortals invading his city is giving it. But he knows it's just a matter of time before something bad appears, and isn't sure what he'll do when it happens.

And he'd like to know what exactly is happening.

Character Points: Turgon is hard-working and long-suffering. He generally makes the right decisions, hence 'the wise'.

Appearance: Tall, with pale skin and blue eyes. Dark haired. Looks weirdly like Ecthelion.

Face: Ian Somerhalder

Likes: Efficiency, curry, rice wrapped in leaves, and listening to his engineers explain the new irrigation systems they've worked out to grow the interesting plants and other food sources they're discovering.

Dislikes: Death marches, genocide, being reminded of his part in it.
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